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Customize Your Character

Customize your profile with a unique character. Unlock exclusive in-app features by using your character as your avatar.

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Earn Profile Badges

Elevate your profile with unique badges and unlock endless possibilities, including bonuses and perks. Flex your status like never before!

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Direct Messaging

Securely chat privately and in groups, share voice notes & attachments with ease, encrypted to protect your privacy and enhance security.

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Create and manage your community in Bubbles with voice and video chat rooms, roles, events, forums, news, moderation tools, and more.

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Voice, Video & Screenshare

Crystal-clear voice, video & screenshare technology. Reliable for seamless communication.

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In-app Quests & Events

Earn rewards by completing quests. Cosmetics, collectibles, and more. Join weekly events: karaoke, talent shows, tournaments, and more!

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Emojis & Stickers

Spice up your chats with custom emojis and stickers.

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World-class Support

Efficient, caring support. No useless canned responses or lengthy waiting periods. Contact us anytime for efficient help!

Futuristic, 3-dimensional, beginner-friendly User Interface
Introducing our revolutionary social media app with a cutting-edge 3-dimensional user interface. Unlike anything you've seen before, our interface is intuitive and easy to navigate, even for beginners. Say goodbye to cluttered and confusing buttons that detract from your experience.

With our app, you can seamlessly chat with your friends and community members at the same time. Direct messaging is now easily accessible from within your communities.

Our communities have a unique layout that makes it effortless to find the chat room or channel you're looking for. We've also created a member list with a one-of-a-kind design that enhances your browsing experience.

No more confusion when it comes to settings. Our simplified community and user settings interfaces ensure that you can easily configure and customize your experience without any confusion. Say hello to an app that puts user experience at the forefront.

We want to inform you that our platform is still in beta, and as such, you may experience issues with functionality and/or the user interface. We are continuously working to improve and build upon our vision, and we appreciate your patience and understanding as we strive to make Concord the best it can be. Thank you for being a part of our journey!
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Customize Your Character
Create a unique and personalized profile with our app's character customization feature. Build your character from scratch and flaunt it on your profile with pride. As you complete in-app quests, you'll have the chance to unlock even more cool accessories and clothing options.

By using your character as your avatar, you'll gain access to exclusive in-app features and mini-games.

Please note that this feature is currently under development and will be launching by Q2 of 2024. We understand that waiting can be tough, but we assure you that the end result will be worth it. We can't wait for you to experience this exciting new addition to Concord!
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Stand out from the crowd by choosing from a wide variety of hairstyles, clothing, and accessories to make your character truly unique.

If character customization isn't your thing, customize your profile with a custom image or GIF instead. Express yourself freely!

Earn Profile Badges
Make your profile stand out with our cool and stylish profile badges. These icons not only add flair to your profile but also have the potential to unlock exciting in-app and out-of-app rewards.

Earn badges by completing quests, playing mini-games, becoming a premium member, or redeeming points. As you accumulate badges, your profile will level up, displaying your achievements for all to see.

But the fun doesn't stop there. Some badges may unlock additional perks and bonuses for you to enjoy, both in and out of the app. Keep collecting badges and see where they take you!
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Elevate your profile with unique badges and flex your status.

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Some badges may unlock additional perks and bonuses - the possibilities are endless!

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In-App Quests & Daily Check-In
Direct Messaging
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Enjoy private and secure conversations with our app's chat feature. Share voice notes, documents, and other attachments seamlessly in both individual and group chats.
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Your privacy is our top priority, which is why we use encryption technology to ensure that your documents and chats remain confidential and secure. Rest assured that your personal information is always protected when using our app.
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Create and organize communities with Bubbles.

With Bubbles, you can effortlessly create and organize your own communities. Assign roles to members to keep your community organized and separate discussions with dedicated chat rooms.

Take control of your community by configuring permissions for specific members and roles. With useful action logs and moderation tools, you can keep your community safe and under control. Enjoy a safe and streamlined community experience with Bubbles.

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Take advantage of our diverse range of room types:
  • Plan and keep track of upcoming events with the Events Calendar.
  • Engage in text and voice/video conversations with the Text & Voice Chat Rooms.
  • Share and enjoy media-only discussions with the Media-Only Rooms.
  • Start and participate in forum-style discussions with Forums Rooms.
  • Set rules and stay up-to-date with the Rules/News Rooms.

With these powerful room types at your disposal, organizing your Bubble has never been better. Please note that while we offer a range of room types to help you organize your Bubble, some of these features are currently still in development. We are continuously working to enhance our Voice Chat functionalities by adding video and screen-sharing capabilities and making it more user-friendly. We appreciate your patience and understanding as we strive to make Concord even better!

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Upgrade your Bubble with power-ups!
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Explore and join the most happening public Bubbles from our Bubbles Explorer page.
Voice, Video, Screenshare
Reliable voice, video and screen-sharing technology ensures that you can communicate just as if you’re in the same room.
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Everything Is Free!
Upgrade your chat experience with our high-quality voice and video chat, UHD screen sharing, platform-wide custom emojis and stickers, and the ability to upload large files and customize your profile and community - all for free!

Most of Concord's amazing features are available to you for free, forever!
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Concord was created to address our competitors' shortcomings. Despite financial constraints, our team built a BETA version; while it doesn't fully capture our vision, we're committed to improving and making Concord the future of social media.

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